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"A man's wall is his monument"

E.S stonework was created in 2011, trained to highest standard on traditional masonry and dry stone walling, we  have since taken on many projects and wall repairs often in collaboration with Hillrise stonework (DSWA registered) and JMS masonry (stonemasonry and stone carving).We offer free quotations and advice

post office box relocation, Churchill.


dry stone built in kirtlington

A good reason to build dry!

Cement is the source of about 8% of the world's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to think tank Chatham House. If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third largest emitter in the world - behind China and the US. 

A concrete factory.

150 meters project at Galleypot Farm.

stone repair on listed building

coumpound ,st one/st hastier

Stone repair(slideshow above)

Sometimes, replacing a single stone can inccur a subtantial cost, stone repair can be a very good alternative.

Refacing a stone is an art; knowledge of stone, colours and compounds available on the market is necessity to achieve the best results.

The slideshow above show a repair on a listed building before and after.


bletchingdon park estate

curved retaining wall, notice the clay pipe for drainage.

quoin stone

carved sandstone

Coursed wall for housing development in ebrington

stone carving for Bletchingdon park estate

Renovation of a small bridge.

Renovating arches, voussoirs and key stone.

Field walling, Oxfordshire

Just missing the saddle back(concrete top)

Rebuilding wall using existing stones

Wall building in Lyneham

Not using extra stone can sometimes be challenging.

Boundary wall rebuilding in Lyneham

Duns tew, wall collapsed on pathway

Wall rebuilt using existing stones and mortar.

New build

Diverted stream to heat exchanger

 Creations are endless

Stairs and cheek ends with hillrise stonework

Wall and extraction louvres


 Arches are often used to permit growth of trees roots that would otherwise lift and structurally damage walls.

Small arch used as garden feature

Ache center and building, the nessecity here to leave room for growth and free movement of the tree roots.

Mortared arche and gate, Woodstock.


Oppened wall in kemble with Hillrise Stonework.

Oppening in walls

Oppening and gate in Chippin Norton

A mix of old and new stone

Before you go.......

Grass snake in Oddinton

 Did you know that dry stone walls opposed to a mortared wall provide a perfect shelter for a large variety of insects and mammals?

A toad in a dry retaining wall

A very familiar visitor